Out Now! Finally collected all in one place on shiny digital media, The X-Rays entire 7" single output. Spanning 25 tracks previously released across 11 singles by labels such as Get Hip, Savage, Ken Rock and Saddle Tramp during the mid 1990's. "Booze & Speed: The 7" Singles Collection" is strictly limited to 100 copies and incorporates some fairly fancy packaging.

Full track listing:

1) Racing Outta Napolis
2) Nitro Burnout
3) Thrown Up
4) Hittin' The Booze
5) Bellingham
6) Trashed Out
7) Totalled Baby
8) Good For Nothing
9) Erotic Neurotic (The Saints)
10) Set Em Up
11) 2 Lane Blacktop
12) P.C.P.
13) Loaded Guardian Angel
14) Dragstrip Killer
15) Grown Up Drunk
16) Ghost Of Tom Price
17) Crawling Back To Vegas
18) Arrogant Fucked-Up Shit
19) Snake River Leap
20) Don't Fear The Repoman
21) Treble Kickin'
22) Grease Monkey Go
23) Fireball #551
24) Special Agent Whore
25) 2 Bit Whore
Check out some sounds at www.myspace.com/xraysnottingham

The first time you listen to a great record that will only get even better with each listen you know it instantly, therefore it was quite an easy choice for us to get onboard in releasing the debut LP/CD from The Hip Priests. "Tight 'N' Exciting" as the masterpiece is called. OUT NOW! on LP by Bootleg Booze Records/Sonic Dirt and on CD by Sonic Dirt/Rock Alliance.

Check out some sounds at www.myspace.com/hippriests


Lee (Sonic Dirt) and Gary X-Ray play records you've never heard and wish you never had, at Bar Seven, Canning Circus, Nottingham. For more info and dates: SHAKEY & DAVE

Distributed by:

All Content Sonic Dirt 2007